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Come Closer... [entries|friends|calendar]

About Me

Name: Renee
Birthday: October 24th
Favorite color: Pink
Status: Single now :(
E-mail: here


Likes LiveJournal. Paint Shop. Graphic design. Diet Coke. Ginger Ale. Friends. Rock. Music. Singing. My boyfriend ♥. (I did) My Computer. Movies. Candles. Starbucks. Coffee. Diamonds. My car. Care Bears. RED SOX. Romance novels. Love. Red roses. Teddy bears. Kittens.

Hates People who annoy me. Nokia. People who talk bad about me behind my back. Yankee fans ;)

Planning School. The weekend. Tomorrow. Shopping. Job.

Music “Ocean Avenue"- Yellowcard
“Shine On"- Ryan Cabrera
“Bitch"- Jet
“Photo"- Ryan Cabrera
“Have A Nice Day"- Bon Jovi
“L.O.V.E."- Ashlee Simpson
“It's My Life"- Bon Jovi
“Switch"- Will Smith
“Siberia"- Backstreet Boys
“Just A Girl"- Click 5
“Comfortably Numb"- Pink Floyd.
"Tessie"- Dropkick Murphys
“Wake Me Up When September Ends"- Green Day
“The Night That the Lights Went Out in NYC"- The Ataris
"Extraordinary Girl"- The Green Day
“Money"- Pink Floyd
“Because Of You"- Kelly Clarkson
“Boyfriend"- Ashlee Simpson
"Everybody Hurts"- R.E.M.
“Dirty Water"- Bronson Arroyo
“I Can See Clearly Now"- Frankie Goes To Hollywood
“In The Middle"- Jimmy Eat World

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New Graphics [Monday October 10th, 2005 @ 5:18pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Ashlee was on SNL this weekend, and these are the only two photos released so far, so I made some stuff with them. :) Just click the linky below for them!



Ashlee GraphicsCollapse )

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Lazy Day [Monday October 10th, 2005 @ 3:58pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

So I did nothing today, Friday was a really hard day, the hardest. :( I really don't even wanna think about it, but the weekend, I just chilled out and spent time with family, then today, I slept, slept, slept, I needed it, I didn't allow myself any sleep for so, so long. Now, I am caught up, well I guess a little bit. This week is supposed to rain ALL week, won't that be fun.

Red Sox are not going to be poceeding into the playoffs :( Which is another thing I'd rather NOT speak of. We'll just have to wait till next year I guess, but ALL us Sox fans still have last year to bask in, I know I still do. :) I get chills everytime I see Foulke throwing that ball to 1st base to get Renteria out and then running to Varitek and picking him up...never will I forget that scene. It's sad we won't see it this year, but as long as I don't see the Yankees going that way, I'll feel a teeny bit better.

My birffday is EXACTLY 2 weeks from today :) Can't wait...I guess. Important people are going to miss it this year, but it's still my birthday so I guess look at it that way.

I got my Ryan tickets in the mail, Julie (my 2 cent whore) and I are going to see him! That's something I suppose I can be looking forward to. I did have a really nice weekend in Boston, minus the Red Sox losing. I think it did some good for me, especially after Thursday and everything. I'm losing my voice right now though.

Did anyone catch Ashlee on SNL this past weekend?

Well, I'm off to make some graphics and maybe try and write or something.


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Shopping...a girls best friend. [Thursday October 6th, 2005 @ 9:49pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Well, I tried to cheer myself up after the wake. I went SHOPPING! My mom bought me so much stuff. :) But now I am home, I have all this stuff and I am just as sad, the only thing shopping did was numb me for the short time I went. I got some really cute outfits though. I'm wearing one to the funeral. I'm going to Boston all weekend, maybe I can get away and just reflect on my own or something, I don't know. But I am going to bed, because I need to, I had an emotinally draining & just horrible day. Goodnight guys, I'll be back Sunday.


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Breakdown... [Thursday October 6th, 2005 @ 4:54pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Well, today was absolutely horrible. I decided, give classes a try even though when I woke up, I knew I shouldn't be doing it, I got my period, my cramps are beyond horrible and shit, so I was upset over that, I'm over emotional right now, and just so much going on, it didn't help that my BEST FRIEND and I got in a HUGE blow up AS SOON as I  got to school today. :( I didn't even do anything, but she's pissed at me, and I dont understand why. I hate crying in front of people, but I just let it out and started bawling in front of everyone, I didn't care. I started to head to my first class, but ended up going towards the dean office and everything and went to the crisis counselor, she's been up to speed on everything going on right now so she wasn't surprised to see me. And I started to tell her about my morning but she got a call, had to leave so I was like "I'm going to call and have someone come get me," I was in no condition to be by myself or anything. I made a ton of phone calls, nobody recognized who I was because I was crying so bad, finally my uncle picked up and got me, he was going golfing today, so again, I was going to be alone, but I'm okay with that, as long as I'm at my house and can just be by myself. And I slept, all day, I just slept and slept which I needed bad.

I feel stupid now, because alls anyone is going to talk about is my break down, I had one last year in the middle of religion class, I was saying prayer off a card from my best friends funeral that had just died that week and I broke down in front of the class, so everyone of course talked about that on campus, now this is all they're going to talk about. I hate it. My mom is over freaking about me, "are you okay" blah blah. I got 8 messages on my machine all from her today. So now she's going to want me to talk and she's gonna treat me like a fragile little girl. She just called, she's coming to pick me up and grab a quick dinner with me before we go to the wake (which is a whole nother' story. I'm not ready to say goodbye.) but she thinks dinner might cheer me up a little. Nothing will cheer me up anymore. :(

Anyways, now I'm the freak that is one more friend less and had a break down for the whole campus to see....just what I needed.

Today is just horrible, and tomorrow will be worse. :( I have to go, try and cheer up. :(


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De Ja Vu... [Wednesday October 5th, 2005 @ 11:22pm]

Well, it's last year all over again except we haven't made it to the 7 game series yet. We're down 0-2 to White Sox, tonights game should have no doubt, been won, but fucking Tony Graffanino pulled a World Series losing play that SHOULD HAVE been an EASY double play, RIGHT THROUGH HIS LEGS the ball went. That scored the White Sox run that they needed to get to win the game. We had the lead for a pretty portion of the game, Wells did great, their pitcher wasn't doing well. Then right through his fucking legs!

We lose 5-4 and we MUST win Friday, Saturday AND Sunday! We're looking like we did against the Yankees last year, everyone thought it was impossible, but i DID happen, I have faith in my boys, but c'mon! We're headed to Fenway for Friday & Saturdays game so lets hope the Fenway faithful will be what our team needs!

Other than that, I got my goddamn period so I'm crampy, PMSy, bitchy, and tired...bloated, hmmm shall I continue? haha I'm going to bed.

Ash-feel better, I'm coming down with a sinus infection I think, but I hope you start to feel better soon! Don't cough up your kidney (well one...but make sure you keep the other! ;) )

Night guys!


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